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Good bye Strawberrysoup

  • 3 years ago
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Two years doesn't seem like a long time when seen in the greater context of life and your career, it is however long enough for life to change to a previously unimaginable degree. What I have only recently realised, is that Strawberrysoup is an extension of Keith and Neil's personalities, their drive, ambition and love of a good spreadsheet, all played out to the theme of Fink and Kanye West. This makes for an environment where your desire to progress and learn was only hindered by the effort you were willing to put into any one task; a nurturing environment...

How not to mess up your website... some things to avoid

  • 4 years ago
  • Category: Journal
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The background; I'm not just being a bitchy designer I have recently been job hunting, not because I don't very much enjoy Strawberrysoup, but instead because I am living in Brighton, a town I love, but spending 12 hours a day during the week near Hampshire; Its like being a tourist. So I redesigned my website, promised myself I would actually write articles, set about remaking my Resume / CV and generally prepared diligently. Then came the hard part, finding a cool company where I could continue to learn and develop my skills, that would also like to work with me. That...

Proteus VR and the homeless

  • 4 years ago
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Recently I have been thinking more and more about how I could give back. Lets face it, we could all give a lot more. We constantly cross those who have fallen on hard times, shuffling past them as we rummage absently in our pockets for change; as we hurrying to catch a train; to simply get out of the wind and rain. Telling ourselves that, next time we'll find a few coins, or throwing down a few pence and continuing our day unabated. Recently I become more aware of the nagging feeling that one could do more, that with each person...