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Symfony service/DI alias shortcuts

  • Written: 5 years ago
  • Category: Symfony
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Symfony's Dependancy Injection Container is immensely powerful, allowing one to define a class, or list of classes, that are required to setup a "service" and use it anywhere that is "Container Aware", that is, anywhere that the Service Container has access to, or has been injected into. Within your controllers or app classes, something you might need to do pretty often is get access to the Doctrine Entity Manager. This is usually done with the following...
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Setting up Sylius ecommerce platform on OSX

  • Written: 6 years ago
  • Category: Developer
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Sylius is a new project to create an open source ecommerce platform built from Symfony2 components. Its pre-alpha at the moment, so there is a lot to do, but as the projects stated goals is to create an ecommerce platform from decoupled components, its exciting none the less. Its a bit of a ball-ache to install on a Mac (so I can only imagine the Windows process), but I've just managed to get it up and running, so thought I'd throw together a quick guide to getting started. The actual installation page can be found here, but as its taken me a while to figure out, they are probably pretty used to their workflow and glossed over a few things... it is pre-alpha after all...